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Benjamin Ek

Tools Programmer



Highlighted Game Projects

Main Contributions

  • Throwing Creatures Logic

  • Throwing Feedback

  • Game Trailer

  • Side-scrolling high-action hack-and-slash platformer game in which you jump, bend time, slash your way through enemy robots, and dash through short levels to ultimately defeat your own master.

  • 8 weeks halftime development in a group of 15

  • Made with School in-house game engine TGE using C++

Main Contributions

  • Engine work

  • Light Rendering

  • Level import & export from Unity

  • Top-down Diablo-style action game where you fight your way up the mountain with your magical staff to take revenge against the demon and his army of tormented spirits

  • 14 weeks halftime development in a group of 21

  • Made in our own, built from scratch DirectX11 C++ game engine

Main Contributions

  • Particle Editor

  • Multi Select

  • Foliage Painting Tool

  • Frustum Culling

  • Undo/Redo Transformations


About Me

Hello! I'm Benjamin Ek.

I have always loved playing computer games. And ever since I can remember, Tech & Maths has been my go-to field of interest. At 16 I decided to take the natural step forward, game programming. I quickly fell in love.

I am a very light-hearted and relaxed person and when I have work to do, I am very meticulous and serious about it. My colleagues describe me as very helpful, patient and easy to talk to.

In my spare time you are very likely to find me either passionately playing racing games, watching motorsports or beating my friends at their favourite card game.

For the past two years I have been studying Game Programming at The Game Assembly Malmö, rapidly accelerating my programming and teamworking skills. For my third year I will be looking for an internship (August 2023 - April 2024).

20220619_155326_cleanup (1).jpg

I am part of The Game Assembly’s internship program. As per the agreement between the Games Industry and The Game Assembly, neither student nor company may be in contact with one another regarding internships before April 19th. Any internship offers can be made on April 23rd, at the earliest.

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